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About our Interim Pastor


 Pastor Fontenot

Charismatic and inspirational, Pastor Fontenot has been appropriately labeled as an idealist. He strives to be the best leader possible as he empowers, encourages, educates, and edifies the people of God through the good and the bad. Pastor Fontenot is a native of Houston, Texas. He is described as a devoted sports fan who enjoys studying the word of God, spending time with family, and building up the community through whatever means necessary to make a lasting impact. Pastor Fontenot is a firm believer of the idea that every individual in Christ is created on purpose for a purpose. The excuse “there is nothing for me to do” should not be held by any member of the body of Christ. Pastor Fontenot holds a Bachelors in English and Biblical Studies, as well as a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling. Pastor Fontenot received his Doctorate degree in Christian Education from Saint Thomas University and Seminary. Pastor Fontenot is humbled by the fact that many of the members and church leaders he is privileged to work with consider him to be “a caring leader with strong administration skills”, and “a skilled preacher/teacher who diligently studies the Bible”. Pastor Fontenot is always striving to make a difference in the lives of individuals who want to become better. He believes that if you want to be better, you must do better, and it first begins with yourself. He believes that the experience that he gained from internships to the classroom, and life has well prepared him for the journey of the Pastorate. One thing always comes to mind when he thinks about the Lord’s church that he is a firm believer in... “Every community deserves the opportunity to find Jesus and become a part of His family.” For Pastor Fontenot, “Ministry is a calling, not a career.


Phone: 817-524-7640



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